Our people are what drives our success.

Our team comprises project managers, site acquisition specialists, town planners, design engineers, CAD drafters, radio and electrical engineers, project co-coordinators and project administrators.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we manage projects right across Australia.


Ben McDonnell

Ben is an experienced acquisition, approvals and commercial manager across real estate, resources and telecommunications projects. He holds degrees in Town Planning and Project Management. Ben is experienced at consultation and engagement with project stakeholders and seeks to align commercial outcomes with project deliverables.

Ben’s specialties include: Due diligence, Feasibility analysis, and Acquisition, design and approvals for major infrastructure, resource and real estate projects.


Ben Brown

Ben has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering project management, site acquisition and infrastructure deployment, primarily as a Deployment Manager for telecommunications rollouts. He also has experience in land portfolio management/structuring.

Ben’s specialties include: Infrastructure Deployment, Acquisition Management, Construction Management, Lease Negotiation and Public Consultation.


Robert Guy

Rob has multi-industry experience spanning telecommunications, real estate and investment advisory. He excels in leading and directing large-scale projects from inception and design through to delivery and final acceptance. He is results-oriented with a track record of repeated successes. His focus is on employing efficient delivery models to reduce costs for clients.

Rob’s specialties include: Developing Project Initiatives, Directing Project Plans and Achieving Performance Targets.

GM – Construction Services

Vinko Kovacevic

Vinko has well more than 25 years’ experience across, Design, Engineering, Construction, Project and Business Management within Infrastructure projects, Telecommunication network rollouts and Service Maintenance contracts. Having a Proven record for demonstrating a high level of diligence and conscientiousness in delivering high quality services.

National Design Manager

Peter Edwards

Peter leads BMM’s engineering and drafting teams across NSW, QLD and VIC. He has a proven track record of success in project management and design disciplines, including environmental, civil, geotechnical, structural, RF/EME and electrical engineering. He excels at finding creative solutions to unique and complex problems, and takes pride in delivering challenging projects, on time and within budget, whilst complying with all requirements and standards.

Peter’s specialities include: in-depth understanding of each carrier’s specific technical design requirements, and detailed and complex design solutions with easy-to-understand explanations.

Head of Property & Legal Advisory

Darren Clark

Darren is a site acquisition, commercial transaction and property law specialist with a Juris Doctor from the University of Sydney. He has extensive experience negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes with corporate entities, governments bodies and private landholders and a firm understanding of the regulatory regime under the Telecommunications Act and Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination.

Darren’s specialties include: land acquisition for greenfield and relocation projects in the CBD and other high-cost areas, and blackspot programs in rural Australia.

Structural Engineering Lead

Jovan Radmilovic

Jovan has 25+ years’ experience delivering innovative telecommunications project solutions for all major carriers in Australia. He has extensive experience in structural design and analysis of all types of telecom passive infrastructure, including towers, guyed masts, monopoles, water towers, rooftops, aesthetic solutions and small cell solutions. His focus in on delivering solutions that are buildable, durable and optimised for maximum reliability and service life of assets. 

Jovan’s specialties include: structural assessment, cost-efficient structural design, asset management and analysis, and digitalised site blueprints from planning to decommissioning. 

National EME Manager

Nick Taylor

Nick is an experienced RF Engineer focused on Electromagnetic Energy (EME)
risk assessment. With an RF Planning background, he has experience in designing and deploying both Macro and Small Cell projects for the major carriers in Australia.

Nick’s specialties include: EME risk assessment tailored to Carrier-specific requirements and development of mitigation solutions that focus on maintaining RF objectives while being safe for the community.